Monday, May 7, 2012

Maternity Pics

Special thanks to Nicholas Dunne Photography for taking these great maternity pictures. Hope you enjoy them!


  1. i LOVE them!! you are such beautiful people! ooooh them babies are going to be CCUUUUUTTTEEE!!!!!

  2. You both are glowing! I cannot wait for you to be parents :) You're gonna be the best. What a blessing!

  3. I just read your amazing story on How absolutely amazing our God is! You are a beautiful couple that is recieving a wonderful blessing from our heavenly Father. My thoughts and prayers will be with you as you continue to embark on this wonderful, loving journey.

    Thank you for sharing with us!
    God's love and continue blessings,
    Glennda Aust

  4. WOW! So so so excited for you!!! Welcome to the twin club and the club of four!!!! God is GREAT! I needed this uplifting news. Brian and Misty, will be praying for you every day!!

    Brian, I bet your Mom and Dad are so excited!!!!