Thursday, June 14, 2012

On the way to Seattle

Quick update:

Misty, Connor and Hope went home on Sunday. The same day I left for Indiana to meet Madison and Victoria. M & V were discharged Monday. We are headed tithe airport now with Nina (grandma Baker), and Aunt Jen. Excited for the big reunion tonight!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

And in the other corner, it's Madison and Victoria

Our Indiana girls we're so excited about Connor and Hope being born that they have decided to join the party too!

Amber began labor on Friday morning and the girls were delivered Friday night. Everyone is doing well at this point.

Here are the details:

Madison Grace Baker
Born 7:04 pm
5 lbs 14 oz
20 inches

Victoria Faith Baker
Born 7:37 pm
5 lbs 15 oz
19.5 inches

EDIT: in my sleep-induced, calendar-confused state I stated the wrong day. M & V we're born on Friday, not Thursday. So the babies are about 35 hours apart.



Thursday, June 7, 2012

Introducing Connor and Hope

Wednesday evening we went in to Labor & Delivery at the doctor’s request because Misty’s blood pressure had been a little high. After a few hours of monitoring Misty started into early labor! They decided to admit and soon a c-section was planned for Thursday morning. As Misty’s contractions progressed the doctor decided that we should go ahead and so we headed back to the OR about 4:30 am. Soon after, Connor and Hope were born!

Sister and brother

Here are the details:

Connor William Baker
Born 4:53 AM
5 lbs 13 oz
19 inches

Hope Elizabeth Baker
Born 4:54 AM
5 lbs 14 oz
18.5 inches

Mom, Dad, and babies are all doing great! Dad held the babies while Mom was stitched up, and then everyone went back to the room. The babies didn’t need any observation time in the NICU! They have been good at working on breast feeding and latched on right away. So far we’re on track for heading home on Saturday.

Read on for a few pictures!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Nursery Pictures

Finally we have a few pics of the babies’ rooms. For those of you that don’t know, we are using two bedrooms that are right next to each other. Instead of splitting the babies up two and two, we’ve taken the advice of another quad mom and set the rooms up by function. The “crib room” is for – you guessed it – all four cribs, while the “staging room” is where the dressers, changing stations, clothes, and supplies will go.

Below you can see a picture of three of the cribs (it’s hard to get a good angle to get all four of them in the same shot.) Click through to see a few more pictures.

Three of the four cribs

Three of the four cribs

We made it to 36 weeks!

Saturday we crossed a big milestone – we made it to 36 weeks which is the average gestational age at which twins are born. If we get another week in we’ll be considered full term. However, both doctors are thinking the babies might come any time now.

There’s been a lot of activity over the last few weeks that we’ve been meaning to share (including a few visits to the hospital), but those stories will have to wait for another day as we’ve been so busy prepping that it’s hard to find time to write them up. So instead, enjoy these pics!

Pregnancy Pics 202Amber 36 Weeks