Friday, December 19, 2008

Visiting Update

Caleb SpinksSo, we drove all night and arrived in Raleigh, NC about 5am this morning... so tired. We got to meet our new nephew, Caleb, this morning & he is a CUTIE!!! He was just born on November 4th, so he is only 6 weeks old. He looks a lot like my brother, Sean (my youngest brother). He and Jennifer were married in September of 2007 and they live in Raleigh.

Sean and Caleb

On our way here, we stopped and had dinner with an old friend of mine, Jenny Sylvester (formerly Cash) and her husband, Bob. They live in Ohio (right on the way to Sean's house) and just had a daughter, Caitlin, in May. It was cool to get to see them.

Bob & Jenny Sylvester with daughter, Caitlin

This evening, one of our other nephews, Tyler, came over to stay the night. He is six. He is my other brother's, Brandon's, oldest son. He is full of energy and was excited to open some Christmas toys (he wasn't as excited about the new pants!). Thanks for checking in with us!

Tyler Spinks

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